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Solid Conservatory Roofs in Sussex Kent and Essex

Repairing or replacing existing conservatory roofs with similar solid coverings is a short-term solution to your roofing requirements. And it still doesn’t address the issue that not everyone can benefit from using their conservatories all year round. Why leave it abandoned in the winter due to the cold? Or unusable during the summer because of the heat? It’s a complete waste of the initial investment you made in order to add space and comfort to your home in Worthing, Brighton or the surrounding areas. 

ComfiSpace Ltd has the ideal solution. 

Our renowned solid conservatory warm roof installations consist of bespoke insulated panels that are created in the UK to our design. These COMFIBOARD panels comprise an MDF core which is protected by two sheets of polystyrene insulation and PVC sheets. 

Completely waterproof and cut onsite to guarantee an exact fit, the individual components consist of the following benefits:

What is a Warm Roof?

Roof cleaning: Professional roof cleaning can remove debris, mould, and mildew, improving the appearance of your roof and Prolonging its lifespan.

Why Choose Our Warm Roofs?

There are many positive reasons why you should opt for our renowned installations, such as:

• Attractive Guarantees and Warranties • Fast and Efficient Installations •

• Increased Resale Value • Less Maintenance Over Time

• Lower Energy Bills • Usable Space Throughout the Year •

ComfiSpace’s COMFIBOARD system is adapted onsite to your conservatory roof’s existing framework, so each panel is customised to fit perfectly. 

Do Warm Roof Installations Suit all Conservatory Styles?

Yes, they do. Our systems can be easily installed in the following conservatories throughout Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas:

• Edwardian • Gable-End • Lean-To • Victorian• 

For more information about ComfiSpace’s COMFIBOARD systems or professional services throughout the areas we cover, 
please contact us in Hailsham via the numbers below. 


Warmer in Winter

Keep your conservatory warm in the winter


Cooler in Summer

Cools your conservatory in the Summer


Add an extra room

Allows you to use your conservatory all-year


<p>Insulating your conservatory roof offers several advantages. Firstly, it improves thermal efficiency, meaning your conservatory retains heat better in winter and stays cooler in summer. This makes the space more comfortable to use year-round and can reduce energy bills. Additionally, roof insulation can reduce noise from rain and provide better acoustics inside the conservatory. It also minimizes the likelihood of condensation, thereby reducing the risk of mold and dampness.</p>

While some insulation types, like polycarbonate inserts or multi-layered foil, can be a DIY project for those with some home improvement experience, it is often recommended to hire a professional. Professional installation ensures that the insulation is correctly fitted, maximizes efficiency, and avoids any structural damage to your conservatory. Additionally, professionals can advise on the best insulation type for your specific conservatory and handle any planning permissions if required.

There are various materials you can use to insulate a conservatory roof. Some popular options include: Polycarbonate inserts: Lightweight and easy to install, these are fitted into the roof's existing structure. Multi-layered foil insulation: This reflects heat and is often used in combination with thermal wadding for enhanced insulation. Insulated panels: These can replace glass or polycarbonate roof panels and offer high levels of insulation.